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Monday, 6 January 2014

Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Malaysia

4 Jan 2014 is a unforgetable day because Lee Kwang Soo had come to Malaysia.
I did not go ;'( 
Kwang Soo and Reuben Kang. Look at their height difference!
"Thank You Malaysia"-Lee Kwang Soo (via Twitter)
Kwang Soo and Malaysia's Police officer Feel Chok Cross ★★
Kwang Soo bended his knees so that he won't look too tall.

Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting Q & A

1.Q (Emcee to a fan) : Why do you like Kwang Soo?
A : Because he is so handsome!
Lee Kwang Soo (Embarrassed) : She is Liar!

2.Q: What food do you like the most in Malaysia?

Those who did not go to Kwang Soo's fan meeting, LKSGlobal made a video for Kwang Soo and he cried when he saw it. Here's the link. --> [1]

Another video of Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting-->


  1. Huhu Kwang Soo ! Suka sangat geng RM ni, Kwang soo suka wat benda yang iola kesian tgk, tapi sometimes dia nakal gak haha

  2. @Iola Kita same la.. Saya suke jugk geng RM especially Kwang Soo, walaupun nakal.. haha..


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